About Us

Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing

We are an electrical engineering and manufacturing company that is centred in Canada. We believe strongly in innovating to be at the forefront of the growing green economy. To do this, we listen carefully to feedback from regulators and our end users so we can better understand where the industry is going, and how we can serve the needs of the market space. Our company’s directors have used their combined decades of experience and education in Green Electricity and Electronics to develop a growing variety of products to serve the industry. We are an equal opportunity employer that values our diverse employees. Included in these team members are quality control technicians who verify the operation of every device that leaves our facility to make sure that they will work as intended for the end user.

It is important to us to continue to support the North American economy by designing and manufacturing our products in Canada instead of manufacturing overseas. This has provided for a stable supply chain that is an important part of how we serve our distribution network.

We have selected Alberta as our manufacturing centre to provide tax and currency advantages for our customers across North America and the World. The demographic is also densely populated with a highly educated and driven workforce that fits our corporate philosophy. Our team is committed to continuing to provide reliable products that are the best available to the marketplace.