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Black Box Innovations New Patented Energy Management Devices that Allow for an Inexpensive High-Speed EV Charging Installation in Every Home

Black Box Innovations has been granted a patent on its groundbreaking EV Energy Management System for residential and multi-residential applications. Previously, homeowners who wanted to install EV chargers could have to spend several thousands of dollars to upgrade their home’s electrical panel or service. This new Energy Management Device will allow maximum charge rates for a fraction of the cost and is compliant with the National Electrical Code and the Canadian Electrical Code.

Calgary. Alberta - Jan 9, 2024:

Black Box Innovations is launching its newly patented Energy Management device that now makes it possible for any residential home to install a cost-effective, high-speed EV charger system. This device allows any EV owner to wake up to a fully charged EV with maximum driving range every morning. It does not require consumer electrical service upgrades or panel upgrades and is compatible with all major EV manufacturers. Using this technology will save customers thousands and make buying and fast charging an EV easier for everyone.


This new device works on any existing residential or commercial electrical service from 60 Amp to 200 Amp that would otherwise cause overloading issues. It supports up to 11.5 KW or 48/50 Amp charge rates even on the most common sizes of 100 or 125 Amp electrical panels.


This newly patented Energy Management device allows an Electric Vehicle (EV) to charge quickly when the electrical capability in the building is sufficient and automatically removes or reduces the charge rate for a brief period when there is a lack of electrical capacity.  


This electrical code-compliant device protects the customer’s electrical equipment through intelligent system current monitoring and automatic load shedding. Therefore, the EV charger portion can be removed from the electrical code required load calculation for residential electrical services. This negates the need for expensive electrical service or panel upgrades and yet ensures the full range of an EV is available each morning.  


While maintaining a compact size, the device uses a computer-controlled intelligent algorithm to filter out momentary current spikes caused by motors or other devices starting while providing the longest charge times and rates. It helps protect the EV by waiting until oscillating loads have ended before initiating a charge to prevent short cycling of power and nuisance on and off cycles to the EV. Using it provides worry-free operation with its fail-safe design. These Energy Managers can also be used to control general-purpose devices. For example, many have found it useful for the installation of heat pumps, air conditioning, hot tubs, steam showers, or other electric loads that can tolerate load shedding, up to a max of 50 Amp nameplate rating. Supporting electrical service sizes of 60 Amp to 200 Amp and both 80% and 100% main breaker ratings provides maximum flexibility for a wide range of installations.


Additionally, it can shift electrical grid loading to non-peak times to help balance the load of the public electrical infrastructure. 


 Key Features: 


  • Fast and easy to install: 30-45 minutes 
  • Small size fits in tight areas around electrical panels (8” x 6” x 4”) 
  • Longest charge times due to intelligent current monitoring 
  • No need to disconnect the main service wires with Split Core Current Monitoring Devices
  • No extra breakers needed 
  • Approved for general use or as an EVEMS by Intertek (ETL) 
  • NEC and CEC compliant
  • Allows a 48A EV charger (60A breaker) or a 50A end device on a 100A panel. 
  • Multiple settings for device ratings and service sizes provide flexibility 
  • Fail-Safe operation ensures safety even in the unlikely event of a controller failure by disconnecting the device being controlled 
  • Real-time reading of the total power consumption of the electrical panel 
  • Simple solar grid tie installation compatible 
  • Remote shutdown override equipped 
  • Bi-Directional capability


 About Black Box Innovations: 


A North American manufacturer with a proven track record of trusted product lines delivered to the marketplace. Being a strong believer in innovation, Black Box is at the forefront of the growing EV charging economy. With their combined decades of expertise in EV Technology, Electrical Installations coupled with Electronics Engineering, our leadership team have developed an innovative range of products to serve the EV Charging World. 





Operating with its motto, “Technology with a Future,” Black Box Innovations is accelerating EV adoption with its patented product launch.  EV owners along with Electrical EV Installers now have an easier and less expensive option to provide High-Speed EV charging with this new patented device. 


For More Information Please Email Us At Or Call Us Toll-Free At 1-833-325-5269.

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