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No matter what your energy management needs. Black Box has a solution.

What is an EVEMS?

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Black Box Innovations Energy Management System (EMS) enables electric devices like Electric Vehicles (EVs) to fast charge when there is sufficient electrical capacity
available and automatically stops charging when capacity is limited.

Energy Management systems can be referred to as EVEMS, (Electric Vehicle Energy Management Systems) EMS (Energy Management Systems, or ALMS (Automatic Load Management System).

Our Energy Managers ensure the safety of both the end device and the electrical equipment by monitoring total power usage in the home and determining if there is
enough capacity for the end device to operate.

Key Features

  • Fast and easy to install: 30 - 45 minutes
  • Small size fits in tight areas around electrical panels (8” x 6” x 4”)
  • Longest charge times due to intelligent current monitoring
  • No need to disconnect the main service wires
  • No extra breakers needed
  • Approved for general use or as an EVEMS by Intertek (ETL)
  • The most service size and controlled device options available
  • Allows a 48A EV charger (60A breaker) or a 50A end device on a 100A panel.
  • Fail-Safe operation ensures safety even in the unlikely event of a controller failure
  • Real-time reading of the total power consumption of the electrical panel
  • Multi-residential hub compatible
  • Remote shutdown override equipped
  • Bi-directional capability

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Multi-Residential Hub System

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EVEMS for 80 AMP Device

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Technical Section

Approved for Use Labeling

Our devices bear the symbol above and are inspected and approved for use by Intertek, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) equivalent to similar UL and CSA approvals. This approval is recognized by Electrical Inspection Authorities in the US and Canada.

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Downloads: Specification, Instructions, and Videos

For more information, technical specifications, and how-to videos check out the downloads and support section.

If you have a question about any of our documentation or specifications please reach out to our technical support team toll-free at 1-833-325-5269 or email us at

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Technical & Code Information

Our patented Energy Management System (EMS) or EV Energy Management System (EVEMS) provides the ability to install up to an 11.5kWh or 48/50A electric vehicle charger on an existing electrical service that would otherwise cause overloading issues. No need for an electrical panel or service upgrade. Compatible with all major EV manufacturers and charge rates. An additional broader benefit is contributing to balancing public electrical grid loading and reliability.

It is also approved for use with other devices that can be load shed when required as clearly indicated on the labelling. For example, many have found success using it on Hot Tubs, Heat Pumps, A/C, and Steam Showers, etc. as long as the rating of the device is at, or below, 50 Amp continuous resistive or 40 FLA.

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Electrical Service Load Calculator

Installing our Energy Management Devices will allow an electrician to exclude the Electric Vehicle charging portion and possibly other device loads from the residential electrical load calculation found in your US
and Canadian codebook. 

Our products are designed for electrical service sizes of 60A-100A, 125A, 150A & 200A and accommodate the most common EV charge rates up to using a 60A breaker. To add flexibility, we have also included a setting for other electrical devices that can tolerate load shedding.

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Why Are Fail-Safe Products Important?

Fail-Safe is an important consideration when selecting energy management systems as many devices use latching relays that can leave the controlled device in a "powered state" indefinitely if the controller fails. This presents a serious safety concern. In contrast, our energy
managers use a contactor that will fail in a powered-off state and thus prevents this issue.

Give Your Customer The Charge Rate They Want at a Lower Cost

Never have a customer suffer from range anxiety when you can offer high-speed charging in their home with no additional cost for service upgrades. No wasting time compiling electrical specifications for load calculations that end in an unacceptable charge rate or loss of the job.Using our devices makes installations fast and easy. Save time and money. Close more jobs.

Quick and Easy - 8"x 6"x 4" (HxWxD)

Compact size allows our EVEMS to fit in tight spaces above or around an electrical panel. No extra breakers are needed and many usable standard knockouts to choose from. Our current monitoring devices are small and
clip onto the main lines without disconnection making for a quicker and easier installation.