Approved for Use Labeling


Our products are each individually inspected and labeled by Intertek at our manufacturing facility in Canada. This means that each one of our devices are inspected for build quality and safety by a third party. This is an extra step that you do not get from most manufacturers. It provides for an exceptionally low failure rate and gives us the flexibility to respond to feedback from our customers and to keep up with this ever-evolving field. 

We have provided reference links below to the major regional safety authority websites where this labeling is listed as approved for use in each respective jurisdiction. This type of labeling ensures a safe, quality product, which will allow for seamless electrical inspections in both the US and Canada. Some have inquired about a small "C" beside the Intertek symbol to indicate that it is valid in the Canadian market. Although in most instances that is looked for, it is not required on the type of labeling we use as you can see in the references below. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us with the information listed on our contact page, as we have both Electricians and JHA support staff to assist.

Safety Authority Approval Markings List by Region:

In the provincial websites links below, look for Intertek and then the labels shown above on each of the web pages to see the labeling regulations that apply to your area:
*This is recognized across Canada. Only four of the major jurisdictions are shown as examples here.