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I must say I am very impressed by the customer service I have
received. Thank you for taking this seriously and for responding quickly.  I manage hotels for a living and I know that great service can make or break a business. Not only that, it's sometimes tricky to find team members who want to actually deliver it.  Well done to you and your

— Josh S

This saved me a small fortune. Maxed out (100A) panel, and could still add a 60 amp (EV charging) breaker with it.

— Dwain Jerorski - Home Owner - Facebook comment

Merci,vous avez été d un grand secour. On appel ça du bon service après vente encore merci!

— Daniel L

I was very impressed with the load manager. It had multiple options for mounting which made it quick to install. It was clearly labelled leaving no question as to how to terminate the components. I got it finished in less than an hour. Most importantly, it worked well to manage the loads on my install to prevent an overloading situation on the electrical service.

— Author's name